BDAL makes 2010 President's Hundred with M1!
Finishes 67th with an M1 Garand in .308 built by Ronnie Morris!
If I had one more click wind at 300, I would have been in the shoot-off

WAYNE DICK FORSHEE, SHINES AT DIXIELAND REGIONAL!!!!!!!! Dick Forshee fired a 1593 irons, and 1599 (personal record) scope for a combined 3192 to take 3rd overall, Big Dick award and most importantly SMALLBORE DISTINGUISED POINTS in the 2010 Dixieland Regional Prone Match. 8 Dicks participated in this match, taking class wins and 2nds across the board.

Dicks continue to win in Smallbore competition. Earlier this month Mark Dick Skutle took the winners circle in the seasons 1st 200 Yard smallbore match with a 583 winning by 3 points. And for the seasons 1st Metric match of the year, Big Dog Hardin won the match by 3 points over 2nd place Tommy "Honorary Dick" Steadman. Head Dick was 3rd, And V.P. Dick Forshee was 4th overall.

The Dicks Smallbore team kicks off the 2010 season March 20th at River Bend Gun Club. The Head Dick takes 4th overall And the Executive Dick takes 5th overall with 1595 - 119x to 1595 - 118x respectively. The Head Dick also takes a win in the 100 yard match with 400 - 30x and a win in the 50 yard match with 400 - 37x.

The Dicks are on top at the Oak Ridge Regional Team Match - 1970-85X
Click here to see who the beat!

Steve "Kid" Culpepper wins the 2008 Quinn Moore Trophy

Aug. 13, 2007 Cindy Forshee and the shoot-off target.
Cindy shot 100-6 in the shoot-off. The "Doc Atkins" trophy is for the high Palma rifle in the Wimbledon Cup match. The 100-6 shoot-off score beat everyone in the shootoff including the Wimbledon shooters and the SR shooters. In short Cindy is now a national champion.
Aug. 8, 2007 - Mark DelCotto - A real Hard Dick
Mark fired a national record of 200-20X in the Crowell Trophy Match, 600 yards slow fire.
I understand that Mark went on to fire two more X's before retiring.
Aug. 6, 2007 - Dicks Win Rumbold, Again...
Richards Associates have once again won the Rumbold Team match with a score of 1969-83X.
Firing members are (left to right);
Troy Lawton 496-26
Wayne Forshee 491-22
Neil Frenzl 488-15 and
Steve "Kid" Culpepper 494-20.

August 3, 2007 - Dicks Silver Leatherneck Trophy
News GSSA 2nd civilian 4th overall NTIT match. Captain Joe Loftus, Coach Steve Hardin, Firing Members: Bill Bailey, Rick Lardizabal, Joe Loftus, Bo Seppenfield, John Schudel, Randall Steward all present members of Richard's Associates.
July 31, 2007 - John "Dick" Schudel Legs Out
John "Five First Leather" Schudel finally got the gorilla off his back in the NTT at Camp Perry. John was the 40th non-distinguished shooter firing 92 - 0, 96 - 2, 98 - 3 and 195 - 5,
for a score of 481 - 10X. The cut was 476-10X and John was in by a comfortable margin.
July 30, 2007 - Dicks in the President's Hundred
CrossBo Seppenfield, Joe Loftus, Mark DelCotto, Mike Touchstone, and Wild Bill Bailey.
Head Dick takes 2nd place in the 2006 Doug Greiner Memorial! This competition is 100 shots standing/gallery, fired in 5 - 20 shot stages of 30 minutes each. Greiner fired a 971 out of possible 1000, 12 points behind match winner Mike O'Conner (Jackson, MI). O'Conner fired a personal best score 983. Taking 3rd place was Steve Kerns (Detroit, MI) firing a 967. Greiner was on a personal record pace until the last 20 shots; where the nerves took control of the rifle causing 9 shots to find the 9 ring. Richards Associates is a proud sponsor of the Doug Greiner Memorial.

Richards Associates Head Dick announces new position.
Steve (Dick) Hardin to become the 1st Executive Vice - President. The role of the Executive Vice - President will be;
-to run the day to day operations of Richards Associates.
-appoint team captains for the National Championships at Camp Perry Ohio,
-and have an integral role in team selections for the National Championships.
The Executive Vice President position will be effect until terminated by Steve Hardin and or Vincent Richard Greiner.

Past Glory

Dicks win Rumbold
Rattle Battle
Ladies set Record
Ron Fuller Legs Out!